Looking for an EPOS system which integrates with your Exchequer accounts?


Exchequer is an accounting solution which enables real-time insight to gainer a tighter control and see the full picture with effortless real-time reporting and analytics.

Other EPOS vendors may claim they have an integrated system, but if it is limited to the simple transfer of sales and transaction values then you will be missing out on many benefits of a truly integrated system. KCPOS offers a full synchronisation with your Exchequer accounts package. By having an EPOS solution which transfers a range of data and works in collaboration with Exchequer, it is the true definition of an accounts integrated EPOS solution. To demonstrate why KCPOS is the best point of sale system for Exchequer users, these are just some of the areas of data that can be integrated between your accounts package and KCPOS solution:

  • Customer Specific Price Lists – if you manage customer specific price lists in the accounts package, these will automatically be applied at the till
  • Sales Orders – create sales orders from the till directly into your accounts package to deliver and invoice at a later date
  • Stock Updates – update stock quantities in the accounts package following a sale at the till
  • Stock Catergories – the till will respect stock categories and associated behaviours managed in the accounts package
  • Credit Notes – record and report on credit notes raised at the till
  • Quantity Breaks – if you set quantity break pricing in the accounts package, KCPOS will automatically recalculate pricing when quanties increase on a till transaction
  • Discounts – record and report on discounts raised at the till
  • Account Balances and Credit Limits – when dealing with trade customers gain visibility of their latest account balance and credit limit at the till

Accounts Software Integration

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