Aures Sango for KCPOS

Aures is the leading manufacturer of POS systems in the UK and is the hardware of Choice for KCPOS

Aures Sango

sango-blue_s1Designed by AURES, the leading manufacture of POS systems within the United Kingdom, Sango is an all in one POS management terminal. Its innovative design provides a unique feature of an aesthetic appearance that casts the illusion as if it is weightless. Sango boasts its minimalistic aesthetics combined with sleek ergonomics to provide an elegant POS system that will revolutionise your interactions with clients and customers.

The thin, yet robust metal base forms a heat sink to keep the CPU unit remaining cool and functioning at its highest level. The option to have a dedicated till drawer is available with ease which can be housed underneath the screen, allowing for a personalisation dependant on your business requirements.

To maximise its personalisation, Sango can adapt with ease to technology requirements of all users, so regardless of what industry your business is in – Sango will support you perfectly. The customisation stretches further than the technology, its polycarbonate finish is available in a mix a match selection of modular colours. (Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange, Grey and Cassis) finishing this advanced POS system with a modern touch.


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