Looking for an EPOS system which has advanced reporting functionality?

KC Reporting

Use real-time data to produce reports and make informed business decisions with the Sales Dashboard, KC Reports & KC Report Writer.

Real-time reporting functionality
Wide range reports available for your business
View your performance visually through a range of graphs
Access the reporting dashboard wherever and whenever you need to
Make informed business decisions

Stock Management

Sales Dashboard

  • Live reporting in real-time

  • Accessible reporting wherever, whenever

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  • Create graphical reports for planning

  • Easily produce & update reports

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Report Writer

  • Fully flexible reporting capability

  • Customise your reporting specification

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KC Loyalty

After review your reports, you have identified areas you need to grow. Discover how KC Loyalty can help you build and retain your customer base to increase your sales.

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Sales Dashboard

Live reporting in real-time

Easily view your data in graphs and charts so you can get a quick understanding of any report.

Accessible reporting wherever, whenever

KCReports & KCReportWriter allow you to use all the data held by KCPOS including real-time data to report on the activities of any branch, point of sale or member of staff and because you can utilise real time information you know how healthy your business actually is at any time.


Create graphical reports for planning

Run business reports and obtain reports on profit and loss, stock levels and gross profit margins to ensure your business is always running effectively.

Easily produce & update reports

Use built in reports that can be updated with your data at a click of a button.

Report Writer

Fully flexible reporting capability

Analyse your business in-depth with Report Writer. Carry out more in-deoth analysis of your business of your business by being able to create custom reports to meet your exact needs.

Customise your reporting specification

Save your own reports for future use and update them with your latest information at the click of a button.