Looking for a smarter way to manage your stock?

KC Smart Stock

An intelligent stock management tool for your business, KC Smart Stock is the perfect stock management (with integration to Sage 50, Sage 200, Pegasus Opera 3 and Exchequer), utilising tablet based software and a handheld scanner for complete mobile stock control. Accurately managing your inventory can be difficult when your business has a vast inventory across multiple sites and channels. Benefit from KC Smart Stock’s reporting functionality, providing your business with advanced information to make informed decisions with demand and manage your inventory with greater efficiency.

Handheld scanner and tablet based technology
Central stock control platform
Perform stock takes and stock counts
Fully searchable stock system
Advanced stock reporting functionality

Stock Control

Mobile Stock Control

  • Handheld Scanner & Tablet

  • Multi Site, Multi Channel

  • Real-Time Synchronisation

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Stock Management

Stock Analysis & Reporting

  • Stock View Dashboards

  • Stock Control Centre

  • Inventory Demand Planning

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Stock Manager

Centralised Stock Management

  • Stock Counts

  • Print Barcodes/Stock Labels

  • One Singular Platform

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KC Reporting

Discover in-depth reporting functionality within KCPOS such as the live sales dashboard, reports functionality and the customer report writer. All elements which provide your management team with key data to make informed business decisions.

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  • Exchequer
  • Opera III
  • Sage
  • Access Accounts
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Mobile Stock Control

Handheld Scanner & Tablet

No warehouse is too big for KC Smart Stock, with a fully mobile functionality to enable stock control on the go.

Multi Site, Multi Channel

Whether you’re a small single site or a nationwide enterprise, KC Smart Stock will seamlessly collate all your inventory to one platform.

Real-Time Synchronisation

Update your inventory in real-time to ensure accurate up to date stock management.

Stock Analysis & Reporting

Stock View Dashboards

Easily display and view your stock and inventory information with the stock dashboard, enabling you to stay up to date with stock levels.

Stock Control Centre

Accurately monitor and make informed decisions when your stock management through the central control centre.

Inventory Demand Planning

Planning future stock levels and ensuring you don’t overstock your inventory can be efficiently managed with KC Smart Stock.

Centralised Stock Management

Stock Counts

Easily run stock takes within your warehouse with the handheld scanner and tablet technology to keep up to date with your inventory.

Print Barcodes/Stock Labels

KC Smart Stock allows you to print all the different labels and barcodes to effectively manage your inventory.

One Singular Platform

KC Smart Stock is a centralised stock management tool, aligning all your inventory data collectively in one integrated system.