Looking for loyalty functionality within an EPOS system?

KC Loyalty

KC Loyalty can aid you in keeping and attracting customers by offering you the ability to issue loyalty cards and offer special offers. It also allows you to capture customer contact details which can be used for marketing purposes. Keeping and acquiring new customers is the primary aim in the retail and services industries and our EPOS system, KCPOS, can help you achieve this goal as it has been designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Our loyalty software has been written to be as diverse as you need it to be, ensuring your POS system is able to grow with your business.

An EPOS based loyalty system linking directly to your accounts
Assign loyalty cards and memberships within KCPOS
Create multi-level discounts & corporate accounts to target customers
Fully traceable to lookup loyalty cards on any till on your network
Reporting functionality to monitor loyalty campaigns and performance

Customer Details

  • Store details easily

  • Add pictures of customers

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Can Develop the System

  • Discount levels

  • Find trends & patterns

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Stock Management

Loyalty Software Specific Marketing

  • Valuable CRM tool

  • Provide customised cards

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KC Reporting

Discover in-depth reporting functionality within KCPOS such as the live sales dashboard, reports functionality and the customer report writer. All elements which provide your management team with key data to make informed business decisions.

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Customer Details

Store details easily

All customer details are maintained easily and accurately with a direct link to a postcode database.There is also the ability to activate a card at the POS so you are never holding up the queues when rewarding your customers.

Add pictures of customers

You can even have a picture of the customer on their card by using a webcam linked to the KC Loyalty software system, which can aid in verifying whether or not the card is been used fraudulently.

Can Develop the System

Discount levels

You can easily award customers with additional points or change their discount levels by simply pressing a button, meaning that you are able to develop your system without having to go back to the start.

Find trends & patterns

Each time a customer uses their card it is tracked in the system, allowing you to use this information to analyse spending patterns. Built in data filters allow you to report by postcode area and age range as well as looking at seasonal trends.

Loyalty Software Specific Marketing

Valuable CRM tool

The loyalty software system can also be used as a CRM tool, allowing you to market to and contact customers easily using the data you have gathered by issuing the cards.

Provide customised cards

You can keep your customers aware of any offers with the touch of a button, which is key in such a fast moving industry. The Loyalty system links to industry standard card printers which allow you to further personalise your loyalty system by printing customers their specific card when they visit your store.