Looking for a powerful EPOS system for your trade counter?

Trade Counter EPOS

KCPOS is a fully accounts integrated point of sale system designed to support the operations of a modern Trade Counter business. KCPOS fully integrates with your back office accounts software to create a complete business system which will reduce your costs and improve efficiency.

Synchronise your data with your accounts package
Centralised stock management with one searchable stock file
Customer specific pricing with trade and customer accounts
Loyalty options to enable retention and increased sales
In-depth reporting functionality to monitor your business

Stock Control

Comprehensive Stock Management

  • Full stock visibility

  • Handheld stock control

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Customer Haggle Screen

Stock Manager

One Searchable Stock File

  • Search easily

  • Searchable stock control

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Stock Management

Trade & Customer Accounts

  • Pricing & credit limits

  • Schedule deliveries at the till

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KC Smart Stock

A tablet based stock management module which utilises handheld scanner technology and mobile stock control, perfect for Trade Counters

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  • Opera III
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  • Access Accounts

Comprehensive Stock Management

Full stock visibility

A comprehensive stock control system gives a clear insight into stock information within your business, allowing you to check stock levels and locations across your whole organisation.

Handheld stock control

Stock management is made accessible through handheld tablets to complete the process efficiently and effectively. With its features stretching across a number of areas including organisations with multiple sites and multiple warehouses. KCPOS is a versatile system which connected all areas within one single platform.

Customer Haggle Screen

Bartered pricing

KCPOS has the unique feature of a Haggle Screen – a setting which enables to operator to offer bartered prices with limits set by the management in order to maximise your sales.

Increased sales

This tool is highly effective in improving the customer experience with a more tailored point of sale, giving your operators the ability to quickly negotiate on price and ensure the sale is completed in a single customer visit.

One Searchable Stock File

Search easily

Keeping track of products and stock is key, therefore with KCPOS products can be searched for using Barcodes, Instant product drill downs, or Boolean Search Tool – a search tool which will find any product instantly.

Searchable stock control

Barcode printing is a feature through KCPOS for all your products along with shelf-end labels, providing a highly organised stock management system which fully integrates to the system.

Trade & Customer Accounts

Pricing & credit limits

At the touch of a button prices can be adjusted depending on the customer, whether they hold a trade account or it is a member of the public. Customer specific pricing maintained in the accounts package will be automatically honoured at the till. In addition, monitor credit limits given to account customers, ensuring sales are not made that exceed credit limits without management authorisation.

Schedule deliveries at the till

Depending on the nature of the product, KCPOS gives the option to complete a transaction and provide the product at the till. But if necessary, a deposit can be taken and delivery schedule to the customer site at a later date.