Looking for a powerful EPOS system for your leisure and tourist attraction?

Leisure & Tourism EPOS Systems

KCPOS is the perfect EPOS solution for leisure and tourist attractions due to its ability to function in a variety of different environments including; online and epos admissions, cafes, bars and gift shops. KCPOS also features real-time reporting allowing you to stay in control of your business and view performance within the sales dashboard.

Synchronise your accounting software to KCPOS
Link your admissions, bar, cafe, gift shop in one centralised system
Range of admissions and online ticketing functionality
Gift Aid functionality and postcode lookup within the till
In-depth reporting allowing you to monitor any aspect of your business

Fully Integrated Accounts System

  • Synchronise data

  • Centralised reporting

  • Analyse trends

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Advanced Booking System

  • Online bookings

  • Range of admissions

  • Banded pricing

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Discount Structures & Gift Aid

  • Gift aid

  • Discount structures

  • Loyalty functionality

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Stock Management

Online Digitickets Integration

  • Sell tickets online

  • Range of redemptions

  • Manage events

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KCPOS have a partnership with Digitickets, who are the UK’s leading online ticketing platform. Digitickets allows your customers to purchase tickets via the web and then redeem through KCPOS. In addition, Digitickets provides access to an array of tools and reports to drive your marketing strategy forward.

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Fully Integrated Accounts System

Synchronise data

Because KCPOS is an accounts integrated solution, all of your sales, stock and pricing information can be passed in real-time between your EPOS system into your back-end accounting software.

Centralised reporting

This enables the centralised reporting tools to allow you to break down sales performance by site, till or even operator. Benefit from a live sales dashboard, generated reports and even the option to write custom reports on anything you wish!

Analyse trends

You can analyse sales trends, manage stock levels and utilise a feature rich EPOS system which will help your staff serve your customers better than ever before.

Advanced Booking System

Online bookings

KCPOS integrates with the online ticketing platform Digitickets to allow for advance ticket sales, Tickets can be allocated to reservations in a range of formats, and can be redeemed via any KCPOS point of sale on request.

Range of admissions

KCPOS also handles admissions on the door with all of the features you would expect including group bookings, season passes and gift aid donations.

Banded pricing

Tickets can be sold with banded pricing (e.g. different prices for children or adults etc) and the availability of tickets can be easily checked on any KCPOS till.

Discount Structures & Gift Aid

Gift aid

KCPOS provides hassle free gift aid donations and payments and completes all of the appropriate calculations automatically so you can focus on attending to your customers. KCPOS also enables a postcode lookup functionality for gift aid functionality.

Discount structures

Within your retail outlets and gift shops you can manage complex discount structures. These pricing promotions allow you to easily create special offers such as ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’, ‘3 for the Price of 2’ or ‘Buy 1 Get the 2nd Half Price’ quickly and easily to entice sales

Loyalty functionality

Reward your most loyal customers and visitors with reward points whilst collecting invaluable analysis of their spending habits to shape your next marketing strategy.

Online Digitickets Integration

Sell tickets online

The online ticketing platform enables a whole new level of flexibility, with entrance tickets, event tickets, memberships and merchandise all sold online.

Range of redemptions

With multiple redemption options such as Print@Home tickets, barcoded or mobile tickets, providing your customers with accessible ticketing through multiple sales channels.

Manage events

Sell tickets for your events online and at the till. Then manage the frequency and capacity of these events to ensure events aren’t oversubscribed and are properly resourced.