Looking for a powerful EPOS system to maximise your Hospitality business?

Hospitality EPOS Systems

KCPOS is the perfect choice for restaurants, bars, cafes and bistros, incorporating table management, bookings, handheld ordering and the full range of EPOS benefits. The table management functionality allows you to manage your customer service, alongside the booking management feature keeping track of your reservations.

Synchronise data directly to your accounting software from KCPOS
Table manager enables you to plan and manage your restaurant layout
Bookings feature allows you to make reservations through the till
Powerful control – keep track of all your food, drink and stock
Take orders at front of house on a tablet direct to the kitchen

Table Management System

  • Customised table layout

  • Easy floor plan design

  • Update service status of tables

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Stock Manager

Booking Management Feature

  • Take bookings easily

  • Add & search customer info & requirements

  • Manage bookings within the system

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Improved Service

  • Multiple staff per till

  • Front of house to kitchen

  • Tablet based ordering

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Stock Management

Advanced Reporting Functionality

  • Real-time reporting

  • Synchronised data

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Bookings Management Module

Discover KC Bookings – a module designed to keep track of your customers reservations and bookings, perfect for Hospitality

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  • Access Accounts
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Table Management System

Customised table layout

The table manager within KCPOS can be tailored to your table layout. This allows you to set up different floor layouts with varying numbers of seats per table for the different functions that maybe required such as weddings, conferences, parties etc enabling you to maximise your seating capacity.

Easy floor plan design

Using simple drag and drop techniques your floor layouts can be designed and deployed within minutes. From the till, staff can see at a glance the table layout screen with current status of each table, for example, if a table is occupied or vacant.

Update service status of tables

Within KCPOS your front of house staff can update the status of your customers to vastly improve the efficiency of your service. With options such as drinks, starters ordered, main served, bill received etc. this enables your staff to ensure they always attentive to all of your customers.

Booking Management Feature

Take bookings easily

The bookings manager allows staff to take telephone bookings and reserve tables for specific times and set a reserve time for the booking. The booking schedule screen then shows all of the bookings on a selected date with current status including name of the customer, number of people in the party and the current status such as pending arrival, arrived and late.

Add & search customer info & requirements

From this screen you can drill down into the booking for further details such as special requirements. Customer details are stored in a database making future bookings quick and easy. On the tills themselves, transactions can be parked against tables therefore allowing the management of bills per table/customer to be made simple.

Manage bookings within the system

Bookings work in synchronisation with the table management feature, displaying which tables are reserved at what time.

Improved Service

Multiple staff per till

The user parking function also allows multiple members of staff to be logged in and serve at one till. Menus on the tills can be configured to your requirements to make searching for items quick and easy, while menu buttons are easy to add and change. The system can also be programmed to calculate student discounts and happy hour pricing.

Front of house to kitchen

Receipts can be printed from the till to printers in the restaurant, bar and kitchen making the operation of communicating food and drink orders smooth and efficient. When the customer settles the bill the transaction can be easily recalled and payment taken in the usual way and any future table reservations can be made at this point.

Tablet based ordering

Your staff can take orders with KCPOS running off tablet based hardware. This enables a far more improved service with orders being linked directly to the kitchen for an efficient ordering cycle.

Advanced Reporting Functionality

Real-time reporting

Business reporting is made accessible through the advanced, in-depth real time reporting function built into the KCPOS system. With a number of reporting options including online dashboards and the Report writer toolkit, KCPOS reveals clear strategic business insights which will ultimately improve your organisation.

Synchronised data

With a two way link, KCPOS maximises its fully integrated accounts system to give live figures of stock information, multi-site stock adjustments and many more features to give a clear, comprehensive indication of real time business reporting.