'How To With KCPOS'

To help get you started and answer any queries you may have, view the range of short videos to get you and your team up to speed with useful hints and tips with KCPOS.

Help Videos

Haggle Screen

How to use the Haggle Functionality within KCPOS.

How to Discount with KCPOS

Explore how to use the discount function within KCPOS.

Manage deposits with KCPOS

A how to video on the deposit function in KCPOS.

How to refund with KCPOS

A short help video on refunds within KCPOS.

How to exchange with KCPOS

Making exchanges within KCPOS.

How to park and swap users

Parking and swapping users made simple with this short video.

Easy ticketing with KCPOS

A how to video making ticketing easy within KCPOS.

How to maximise revenue at admissions

A short video explaining how to maximise revenue with admissions.

How to park transactions

Parking transactions within KCPOS is made easy with this short video.

KCPOS Menu Designer

A short video demonstrating how easy it is to customise the theme and dashboard within KCPOS.

User Creation & Permissions

A short video demonstrating how easy it is to create users within the KCPOS administrator software.

Discounts In Action

After setting up discounts within KCPOS administrator, this short video shows you how to use discounts in your transactions.

How to void items in KCPOS

Voiding Items in KCPOS is made easy in this short video of KCPOS.

How to track marketing sources

Marketing sources from your customers can be tracked within KCPOS. Find out how in this short video.

How to print gift receipts

A short video demonstrating how to a print a gift reciept after a purchase within KCPOS.

How to set up discounts

How to set up discounts within KCPOS.

How to manually discount

How to manually input discount into KCPOS.

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