Hall for Cornwall

Hall for Cornwall

Hall for Cornwall (HFC) is the largest theatre in Cornwall offering a mix of live theatre shows from musicals, children’s shows, gigs, drama. Originally HFC are a Pegasus Opera II client of ours that had ICI Touch as their ePos solution.

Reason For Change

The integration from their ePos system to Pegasus Opera II was non-existent and they had frustrations about the reliability of the ePos system. The fact that one of its failings was that 1 till would be the master/server till, which meant if that till failed all the tills could not operate. A system which could operate independently and manage all aspect of the business was essential, therefore the search for


HFC required an ePos solution that would be able to cope with the busy bar and restaurant areas. Integration with their Pegasus Opera II accounts system would be key as well as strong reporting facilities.

“A system that could handle a range of bar and restaurant functions simultaneously was needed for Hall for Cornwall”

The Solutions

We carried out various meetings and demonstrations during the tail end of 2008, and after showing them how robust the KCPOS solution was and the added advantage of the system being run from a central SQL server, they agreed to look into the idea of purchasing the total suite of modules. But due to the financial climate it was agreed that they would initially only install KC-Back Office, Hospitality and KC-Link, the direct link from KC to Pegasus Opera.


KC Link has proven to be a major benefit, and Stuart who is the IT Manager, is particularly pleased with the ease of till menu deployment and the reporting options available.

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