Burton Agnes

Burton Agnes

Burton Agnes Hall is an Elizabethan stately home that was built in the 17th century and is managed by a charitable trust and lived in by the Cunliffe-Lister family, who are descendants of the original owners. The hall is open to the public and hosts many events throughout the year such as Easter Egg Hunts, Gardener’s Fairs and Jazz and Blues festivals. It is also recognised as one of the top 20 finest English homes alongside Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and Chatsworth House

Reason for Change

Burton Agnes Hall required a till system that was easy to use, linked to their accounts system, Sage 50, and most importantly allowed them to quickly and accurately process gift aid donations. Their existing till linked to their accounts system but could not handle gift aid donations, which left customers having to fill forms which would have to be manually entered into their system. This was laborious and because of the need to re-key data there was always the chance of errors occurring.

The Solution

KCPOS was the chosen EPOS system following a series of meetings and a demonstration to show how the gift aid and admission process is simple, fast and accurate. The installation of a single KCPOS till took place in the admissions hall and training was given to ensure everyone was completely comfortable with using the system. Integration between KCPOS and Sage 50 was also enabled so sales figures are instantly available for reporting and processing


KCPOS has given Burton Agnes Hall the ability to quickly and accurately attend to all customers, no matter whether they would like to make a gift aid donation or not. Furthermore, all of the calculations applicable to gift aid donations are automatically calculated by KCPOS, so more time is spent focusing on visitors than figures and calculations. Staff became comfortable with KCPOS’ navigation, meaning little training on the touch screen EPOS system was necessary and daily tasks such as cashing up can be completed quickly and accurately.

The Future

Burton Agnes Hall are delighted with how smooth the implementation of KCPOS went for admissions into the grounds and have already expressed their interest in the possibility of implementing KCPOS in their café and three shops to provide easy centralised management of their stock levels through integration into their Sage 50 accounts system.

“The installation of KCPOS went as planned and the training we received has left us confident in the system and knowing how to use it efficiently. We can now attend to visitors who would like to make a gift aid donation extremely easily, which certainly makes the visitors happy as they have more time to explore Burton Agnes Hall and gardens”

Simon Cunliffe, Director and resident of Burton Agnes

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