Ashley Timber

A timber and builder’s merchants located in the North-East of England with over 20 years’ experience

Ashley Timber

Established in 1989, Ashley Timber is a timber and builder’s merchant’s with over 20 years’ experience. Supplying timber, sheet materials, fencing, decking and hardware. Targeting retail and trade customers from their store in South Shields, Ashley Timber’s ethos of high quality as well as value has allowed them to build up a solid, loyal customer base, not only for the quality of goods but for the excellence of their customer service.

“Ashley Timber needed a system which could easily differentiate between trade and non-trade customers at the touch of a button”

Reason For Change

As the company expanded, they decided to upgrade to Opera II. This enabled them to manage their accounting processes more efficiently and gave them the functionality their growing business needed. Soon after, Ashley Timber decided to consider an EPOS system which they wanted to integrate with their existing Opera II package. As the company sell to both retail and trade customers it was important that the system was able to switch between retail and trade modes quickly and easily. A key requirement was that the EPOS solution could display prices within the system with net VAT, for trade customers. The system also needed to be able to print A4 delivery invoices for these customers whilst also having the ability to print small standard receipts for retail customers.

“A key requirement was to have a system which would show net VAT for trade customers”

The Solution

As KCPOS integrates with Opera II as standard, this was the natural solution for Ashley Timber. All three tills we’re installed at Ashley Timber’s premises in South Shields and each integrates with one another and with their existing Opera II accounting package. KCPOS transactions are now being directly entered into Opera II with no re-keying required.

“During the review of the systems Ashley Timber had in place, it was identified that there was a need for a fully integrated system”


Since KCPOS has been implemented, Ashley Timber has seen dramatic improvements in their business processes. Orders can now be processed much faster and both trade and retail customers can be dealt with more efficiently, which means in store queues are kept to a minimum whilst sales remain high. Staff at Ashley Timber had basic KCPOS training and have since found the system extremely user friendly


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