Top 5 KPI's in Retail

Top 5 KPI’s in Retail

With our FREE Top 5 KPI’s in Retail whitepaper, you can discover what metrics any customer facing business should be measuring in order to reach their potential.

‘To start at the beginning, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is not just any piece of data or information. To be a KPI it must include a number of key characteristics. It must be measurable and quantifiable. There is huge value in qualitative data such as the remarks and detailed feedback from your customers, however this type of information cannot be tracked, compared and easily monitored over time.
Qualitative data absolutely has a place in your retail organisation, but that’s for a different conversation. To keep with the customer feedback example; “I thought the store had a great atmosphere and the staff made me feel comfortable throughout my visit” would be some useful qualitative information from a customer.’

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Top 5 Key KPI's in Retail

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