Queue Busting

89% of customers have left a shop or business as a result of excess queuing. With this in mind, what can you do to reduce your own queue time and improve your customer's experience?

Queue Busting


It’s essential within the day to day operations of any retailer that your store is performing adequately, efficiently and profitably. Within the retail environment it is paramount to ensure that the customer’s shopping experience is as seamless, yet enjoyable as possible, as the ultimate aim is repeated loyal custom.

When dealing with Queue Busting, there are a range of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Planning for busy periods, queue management, queuing delay and transaction time are all variables which will impact the customer experience.


When ensuring the smooth operation of any organisation, your staff are essential in maintaining the successful running of your business. Equally, your staff have a huge impact on possible delays and queuing, therefore training your staff to anticipate possible queuing factors is key. This combined with providing your staff with the skills at your point of sale to be efficient in taking transactions and operating the till will serve to improve the operation of your business.

Queue Management

Queues are no suprise in a customer facing environment, so ensuring the efficient management of a queue is essential. Understanding what factors influence queues in your business is half the battle of reducing queue times.
Factors such as:

  • Customer Arrival Rate & Time of the Day
  • Average Shopping Time per customer
  • Variation in time duration for customer service
  • Average number of lanes open in the store
  • External factors beyond the stores influence i.e seasonal, weather etc.

Profiting from the queue

Queues are a fact of retailing or dealing with the public, so exploring options of capitalising from the queue is something retailers have been exploring. Placing promotional items at the area of queuing is a way retailers such as Primark has significant increase their impulse purchases and increased their sales.

Queue busting with EPOS Technology

Queue busting in place within the point of sale is made easy with a modern EPOS system. The ability to have synchronised tablets to process items in the queue can speed up the process. This leaves only taking the payment at the point of sale which will improve the efficiency and reduce queuing time dramatically.


By careful planning, well trained staff, and well managed queuing system and an efficient point of sale, your business and beat the queues and still come out on top. For more detail regarding Queue Busting, download our FREE guide below.

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The Secret To Queue Busting

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