Rural Grant

Rural Grant

As we have many EPOS customers in rural areas we are always on the lookout for information and news that may help rural businesses grow and succeed. Recently we have been made aware of a new government grant to support businesses in the rural tourism industry. The RDPE Growth Programme is there to issue grants to those rural businesses that are investing in infrastructure to support the local economy grow and generate new jobs.
If you feel you fit into this category, we suggest the handbook is definitely worth a read as you could be eligible to claim grants for investments, included but not limited to your investments around EPOS and IT. You can view the handbook here.

The Growth Programme follows a few simple steps:

  1. Read the attached handbook to check for eligibility
  2. Register an expression of interest (EOI) by 31st January 2018 to explain how your planned investment will benefit from a grant
  3. If your EOI is endorsed, you can make a full application to get a funding agreement
  4. Once your funding agreement is in place, you can start work on the project
  5. Once your project is complete the grant will be paid to reimburse you for the costs

What are the grants for and how much can you claim?

The grants will help fund the costs of capital expenditure on tourism infrastructure, the aim is to support projects that will encourage more tourism. Usually the grants are for a minimum of £35,000 but this varies with LEP areas. The grant as a percentage of total project costs can’t exceed 40% for profit making projects and 80% for not for profit activities. Check in the handbook to see if your LEP area if eligible for these grants, but most are.

What are example projects?

Typical projects may include extending a local museum. A local heritage museum looking to open a new section with a café and souvenir shop would be a typical example. This will require investment in a variety of areas and ultimately encourage most visitors to come and create new jobs to run the extra facilities.  

Who can apply?

If the project is commercial to make a profit the grants are targeted at smaller businesses (under 50 employees). If you are a not for profit organisation, the range of organisations eligible increases. Pg 13 of the handbook goes into this in more detail.

How am i most likely to succeed?

Projects that hit two of the following are more likely to succeed:

  1. Create at least 1 full time job for every £30,000 of funding
  2. Deliver a project that will extend the peak tourism period e.g. indoor activities for winter
  3. Develop tourist attractions and infrastructure
  4. Deliver wider benefits to the broader rural area

Need more information?

We encourage anyone interested to read the attached handbook to find out more and how to apply by clicking this link.

Likewise, if you’d like to talk to us about any of the advice given in this article and discuss how our KCPOS till systems can help keep your business ahead of the curve, call us on 0800 0433 106 or email

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